What Is Acetate Made from?


Acetate is a form of an acetic acid. Acetic acid in liquid form is vinegar. It is made by combining cellulose, such as that found in wood pulp, with acetic acid, with sulphuric acid added to keep the acetic acid pure as water was produced as a by-product.
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Acetate is a chemical compound comprising of acetic acid or sulfates. It is made by reacting acetic acid with other bases like metal hydroxide. Acetate can also be defined as a synthetic fibre usually made from a tree pulp or cotton and is used to make home furnishings, blouses and diapers.
Acetate is made from biodegrading and naturally occurring substances especially wood shaving. It is one of the man-made fabrics and has an appearance almost same to silk. It is one of the most versatile of fabrics and can resist wrinkling.
Ethanoate acetic is any of three liquid acetates that are formed when acetic acid and glycerine are heated together. Lead acetate, sugar of lead is a poisonous white solid (BP[CH3CO]2) used in dyeing cotton and in making enamels and varnishes. Salt is a compound formed by replacing hydrogen in an acid by a metal (or a radical that acts like a metal). Acetate is a fabric made from fibres of cellulose acetate rayon cellulose acetate - an ester of acetic acid; used in fibres and fabrics; photographic films and varnishes.
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