What is acrylic fabric?


Acrylic fabric is primarily made from a manufactured substance called "acrylonitrile." The DuPont chemical company created acrylic in 1944, but it was not commercially available until six years later. The fabric has a smooth and soft texture.

Acrylic fabric is often used for sports apparel, such as socks. The fabric is flexible, yet it holds its shape through many uses. Acrylic wicks moisture away from the body, so the wearer does not feel drenched in sweat. The fabric also dries quickly and retains colors well. In the clothing industry, acrylic is commonly used in sweaters and fleece. Around the home, it is often seen in furniture coverings, carpeting and blankets.

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What Is Acrylic Fabric?
First called "Fiber A" by DuPont when it was researching ways to improve rayon fibers, acrylic polymer fibers were discovered by a scientist working for the company in 1941. DuPont intended to use these acrylic fibers under a brand name to replace wool... More »
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