Is adamantium a real metal?


Adamantium is a fictitious metal that was created for the Marvel Universe. One of the metal's most popular appearances is in the Wolverine comic series.

The fictitious metal is supposedly one of the hardest metals known to man. The use of adamantium is observed in the Wolverine movies when he undergoes an operation to replace his bone structure with the metal. The completed infusion of the metal results in his metal claws and nearly indestructible body. In the film, "The Wolverine," released in 2013, the primary antagonist of the film creates an entire robotic suit of adamantium to combat Wolverine.

Q&A Related to "Is adamantium a real metal?"
Adamantium is a fictional man-made metal alloy that has been depicted largely within the pages of
Adamantium is a made up substance. It doesn't really exist.
Adamantium is some indestructable metal used my Marvel Comic(TM) characters. However, there is ADAMANTINE which is a small carbon cage structure in the organic chemistry context.
Adamantium, would appear to have a high specific heat capacity and melting point. It is a fictional allow & there are no published info about its specific heat. report this answer
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