Aerobic Endurance?


Aerobic endurance is the body's ability for processing oxygen and circulating it through the body within a set period of time. It is one of the chief fitness components that is important for success in many sports.
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Aerobic endurance is the time which you can exercise, without producing lactic acid (and it building up) in your muscles. In other words stamina, the amount of time you can maintain
1. Plan an aerobic maintenance schedule within 25 to 30 days of the end of intense physical training. Studies have shown that aerobic endurance can remain for as much as 30 days;
Aerobic respiration is a chemical process of living things in which oxygen is used to produce energy from carbohydrates and convert into carbon dioxide. You can find more information
Aerobic endurance is directly related to the
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Aerobics endurance is an important factor that is designed to increase blood circulation and respiration. These exercises also promote cardiovascular fitness. ...
Cardiovascular stamina is the ability of the body to endure a continued exertion while drawing energy from the aerobic system that supplies energy to the body, ...
Body conditioning classes provide whole body workouts that focus equally on strengthening exercises, aerobic exercise and endurance. They often involve floor work ...
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