What Is Agar Made of?


Agar is made from seaweed. Agar has the consistency of gelatin. Agar is used in many Japanese dishes including soups, desserts, jelly and more. You can find more information here: http://www.khiewchanta.com/archives/desserts/jelly-agar-recipes/
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Bacto Tryptose 10g. Bacto Agar 15g. Phenylethanol 2.5 g. Bacto beef extract 3 g. NaCl 5 g.
Used in desserts throughout Japan, Agar or agar agar is a gelatinous
It could be a number of things really. What type of bacteria are you trying to grow? Some bacteria only grow at certain temperatures, and some take a certain amount of time to grow
Using nutrient agar in a microbiology lab allows for the growth and observation of colonies of some types of bacteria. Common nutrient agar contains beef extract and peptone as nutrients
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Agar is made from red algae. It is a jelly-like substance that is used in cooking to make custards and jellies. It is used predominately in Asian food.
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