What Is Air Brushing?


Air brushing is a technique that utilises a compressed air tool known as an air brusher. This technique involves spraying media such as dyes, inks and paint on a surface. It is commonly done as a freehand process and produces realistic graphics and images. Air brushing is popularly found on motor vehicles, amusement parks and street fairs. Air brushing is also used to retouch photos and to apply make-up, as well as in finger nail art.
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Air brushing, traditionally, was the process of spraying a fine jet of dye onto areas of film or a print to change the appearance of an image. This process now takes place digitally within photo manipulation software; however it is still commonly referred to as air brushing.
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(âr'brŭsh') n. An atomizer using compressed air to spray a liquid, such as paint, on a surface. tr.v. , -brushed , -brush·ing , -brush·es . To spray with
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