What Units Are Used to Measure Air Pressure?


Air pressure or atmospheric pressure is measured using an instrument known as a barometer, which is also used in forecasting the weather and determining the altitude. Air pressure or atmospheric pressure is the force of each unit area exerted against a surface by the air density above that surface.
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it is the "weight" that the air has, or the downward pressure it exerts on a surface, and can vary based on altitude above sea level, as well as temperature. It is measured
It's measured in "PSIs"
Air molecules have mass, or weight, since air is a form of matter. A column of air extending from the ground to the edge of the atmosphere produces air pressure against the objects
Pressure is often measure in units of force per area. In the standard system of units, the SI, that would be Newton / meter 2 - this unit is also called Pascal. Other commonly used
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Atmospheric pressure or air pressure is measured by a barometer. A mercury barometer measures the pressure by noting the length of mercury which is supported by the weight of the atmosphere.
Pressure is force per unit area. Pressure is measured in various units. Standard unit for air pressure is mm of Hg. Bar is also another unit for the pressure.
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