What is a PNR number?


"PNR" stands for "Passenger Name Record," and it is a basic form of computerized travel record. It is also known as “record locator,” and it is an alpha-numeric code used for specific reservations for airline passengers. When a person enters his PNR code, he can view his itinerary, check flight status, print a boarding pass and upgrade his reservation.

PNRs are records of airline passengers. Most airlines store PNRs in the database of a computerized reservation system. Whenever a person makes a reservation, a PNR is made. Companies involved with the time of reservation and completion of services use the information stored in PNRs.

There are various ways to retrieve a PNR, depending on the airline. One of the ways a person can obtain his PNR is by checking his email. Airline companies send a confirmation email that contains the PNR or Record Locator number. The PNR typically appears next to the itinerary in the confirmation email.

Another way to view the PNR is to swipe the credit card used in booking the flight on a self-service airline kiosk. This way, a person can use his credit card to identify his reservation. Upon doing so, the PNR appears on the screen.

It is also possible to retrieve a PNR by contacting the airline via phone. Passengers who are already at the airport can contact the airline in person. Identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, is necessary.

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