What Is Airtime?


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Airtime is the time between the start of call involving a cellular phone and the end of that call. It does not include any of the transmission time before connecting or after disconnecting the call.
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the particular time that a program is broadcast or scheduled for broadcast: The airtime for the newscast is 10 p.m.
the time during which a broadcast takes place: The airtime for the new show is from 10 to 10:30 p.m.
a block of such time sold by a radio or television station to an advertiser, allotted to a political candidate, etc.: The company bought three minutes of airtime.
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The term airtime is used to refer to the time that is allocated to a particular program, topic, item or any time of broadcast in a radio or television. The term airtime is also used to refer to the time which a mobile phone is in use, especially in reference to calls that are made or received.
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