What is Alabama famous for?


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Robert Bentley (R)
Robert Bentley (R) is the governor of Alabama.
Governor of:
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It is the southern most tip of the spectacular Appalachian Mountains. for now!
According to Alabama law, even if the debtor is only one day late, the bank or lending institution that holds a lien on the vehicle has the right to repossess. The bank or lending
Alabama has an interesting history. During the Civil War, Montgomery, the state capital, was the capital of the Confederate States of America. Because of this, Montgomery is known
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Alabama is Famous for being the 22nd state to be admitted to the union of the United States in 1819.It also developed during World War I, and particularly in Mobile, as shipbuilding companies expanded with growth.
Alabama is famous for many things, including cotton, steel, the Antebellum Mansions, the Azalea Trail, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, and for the fact that it was the Confederate Capital in 1861. You can find more information here: http://www.postcardsfrom.com/fun/fun-al.html
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