What Is Algodon?


Algodon is an earlier settlement in Yuba County, California. It was located 7 miles south of Olivehurst on the Northern Electric Railroad. Algodon is also the Spanish word for cotton.
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Algodon is a Spanish word for 'cotton'. Algodon has many uses. It is used for making bandages, cotton buds and cotton balls. It is also used for making clothes. Algodon may also refer to a former settlement that was in Yuba County, California.
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Algodon is cotton. There are many uses for it. Cotton balls, swabs and facial pads. It is 100% absorbent, natural disposable,hygenic and hypoallergenic. For more information look
Please check the spelling of "algodon" and try again. I'm not findi...
Algadon is the Spanish word for Cotton.
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Algodon is the Spanish word for cotton. Cotton is a material made from cotton plant fibers. It is one the most common types of material for clothing and bedding. ...
Algodon fabric is just the Spanish word for cotton. Cotton originated in Peru and was cultivated around 4200 BC. The Algodon/Cotton has long, thick fibers that ...
Los Algodones is located in Baja California in Mexico. It is situated near the borders of California in the northern part of Mexicali. Tourists are attracted to ...
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