What Is Alum Powder?


Alum powder is a compound as well as a group of chemical compounds that are used as astringents and styptics in medicine and in dyeing and tanning. It is a crystalline solid made of aluminium potassium sulphate, which has the chemical formula K 2 SO 4 ?Al 2 (SO 4) 3 ?24H 2 O.
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Alum powder is a common spice found in the spice department at your local grocery store. It is generally used in pickling recipes or to help maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables
Alum is a chemical compound and constitutes a combination of an alkali and metal. It can either be a salt of sodium, potassium or ammonium and aluminum, iron or chromium. The most
Alum powder,a white crystalline double sulfate of aluminum, is in the spice section of grocery stores.
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Alum powder is available in many drugs stores and departmental stores. The powder can also be purchased from oneclickpharmacy online store. The powder is available ...
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