What Is America Famous for?


America is famous for its liberty, generosity and freedom. America is also known as the land of opportunity, where all the individuals are given equal rights to access employment, education and other social necessities. It is also known for the various wars that it has been engaged in.
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That question is entirely subjective. If we're counting fame by sales figures, that's a no-brainer. Since forever and then-some it's the Ford F-150. But that's not a car. If we're
Kentucky Derby in Louisville is the most popular horse race in America.
More tourists come to Orlando than any other theme park destination in the U.S. Walt Disney World Resort is the largest theme park in the world. It includes four theme parks, two
I'd say hamburgers, french fries and pumpkin pie! ChaCha back for more!
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Paul Simon had such yearning in his voice when he sang, ‘I've gone to look for America,' and anyone even vaguely familiar with this nostalgia-loving, future-obsessed, multiple-personality ... More »
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