What are the uses of ammonium hydroxide?


Ammonium hydroxide refers to a colourless liquid chemical solution that usually forms when ammonia dissolves in water. It can be found in several industrial products and cleaners such as brick cleaners, flooring strippers and cements.
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In concentrated form, ammonium hydroxidecan cause burns on contact with the skin; ordinary household ammonia, usedas a cleanser
An intermediate in the production of ammonia salts, amines and amides, household cleaners and metal polishes. Source of nitrogen for fermentation. In the production of dyes, glass
Ammonium hydroxide is a colorless liquid chemical solution that forms when ammonia
The generic name for ammonium lactate cream is "ammonium lactate topical". It is sold under the brand names Amlactin, Kerasal AL, Lac-Hydrin, and Laclotion. Common side
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Ammonium Hydroxide is used in food processing as a leavening agent, a pH control agent, and a surface-finishing agent. The chemical is also used for the neutralization of acids although its price tends to be prohibitive.
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