What Is an Abattoir?


Abattoir is a facility where animals are processed for consumption as food products. An abattoir operative’s first contact with the animals scheduled for slaughter is made when the livestock is unloaded from the trailer, or lorry, they’ve been transported on.
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An abattoir is a slaughterhouse, most often for sheep and cattle. It can also be used figuratively for somewhere that can be likened to a slaughterhouse.
An abattoir is another word (french in origin) for a slaughterhouse. Anything else you want to ask
abattoir: a building where animals are butchered
(ăb'ə-twär') n. A slaughterhouse. Something likened to a slaughterhouse: "The hand of God and mankind's self-inflicted blows seem equally heavy ... giving a strong
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[ab-uh-twahr, ab-uh-twahr]
a slaughterhouse.
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An abattoir also known as a slaughterhouse is a facility where animals are killed for consumption as various types of food products. They act as the starting point of the meat processing industry, where stock comes from market or farms to enter the food chain. They are known to have existed as long as there have been large settlements for individuals to rear their own stock for personal consumption.
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