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An Anemone is a flower that lives on land. It is like a butter cup, in fact it is related, but comes in many colors. A sea anemone is an animal that was named after the flower, but it is a sea creature. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anemone
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any of various plants belonging to the genus Anemone, of the buttercup family, having petallike sepals and including several wild species with white flowers as well as others cultivated for their showy flowers in a variety of colors.
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There are two different anemones. One is a flowering plant that is in the buttercup family along with about 120 other flowering plants. The other is a predatory animal that lives in the sea.
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An anemone is a creature that lives in the water. They look like plants or flowers, but are actually animals that anchor themselves to the rocks below them. They are predators that
A sea Anemone is not a type of plant. It is in fact a Cnidarian (pronounced nidarian) a predatory animal. They are animals that live in both marine and freshwater environments. Anemones
1. Draw the outline of a flower on your purple card stock. Draw a second flower, of the same proportions, but slightly smaller. 2. Cut out the shapes from Step 1. On both flower cutouts
A sea anemone is a sedentary marine animal with a columnar body that bears a ring of stinging
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An anemone is a perennial plant that belongs to the buttercup family, which is available in many colourful varieties. They occur mainly in woodlands and meadows ...
Anemonal is a genus of about 120 species of flowering plants that are in the family Ranunculaceae. They have basal leaves with long leaf-stems that are either ...
The body symmetry of an anemone is bilateral symmetry. Bilateral symmetry is only in one plane and divides the organism into mirror halves. ...
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