What is an appraisal interview?


Conducted between an employee and manager, an appraisal interview discusses job expectations, work performance and possible areas of growth for the worker. The appraisal interview is also a chance for an employee to iron out any concerns.

One of the best ways for an employee to increase productivity and change work habits is through the appraisal interview. Although formal in nature, the appraisal interview is a two-way communication process that allows both parties to input into the process. The nature of appraisal interviews vary, but one of the most common uses is for a manager to provide feedback for an employee. Appraisal interviews are often held on a regular basis to make sure that the employee is staying on track.

Apart from providing feedback, the employee also has a chance to explain any poor performance that has been noted. There are other aspects of performance appraisals, but the appraisal interview offers the best chance for thoughtful communication. Apart from reflecting on past performance, the appraisal interview also gives a chance to provide some clear direction for the future. The employee has an opportunity to discuss a future career path, while the manager can inform the worker of any significant companywide changes that could affect the employee in the future.

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