What Is an Appropriate Cash Gift for a Wedding?


The appropriate cash gift for a wedding should cover the cost of the reception dinner for the guest. Guests have no influence on the amount a couple spends on their wedding reception menu, and they should not be expected to subsidize the couple's wedding budget in any way. If a couple is expecting cash gifts of certain amounts as payment for the wedding reception, they should be reconsidering the scope of their budget.
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The best possible gift is something from the couple's wedding gift registry. You might think it's not personal or creative, but think of a child's Christmas list. It's what they really
This isn't something that can be answered by tossing out a number, because it depends on a ton of factors - how well you know the person, additional travel expenses incurred, what
Whatever the individual can afford for a wedding gift the couple should appreciate. Also, some couples 'register' in stores of their choice and you can go to any of these stores and
The appropriate amount to give, I think, is the amount appropriate for. your. budget. $150 means the difference between eating and not eating if you're living on social security.
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An appropriate cash gift for a wedding is variable from person to person in relation to the social status of the couple getting married and your financial status. According to some people giving a cash gift is not in line with wedding etiquette. You can give as much as you want and as little as you want.
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