What is an aqueduct?


An aqueduct is a man made structure built to convey large amounts of water from one point, usually the point of origin of the water, to another, usually to where it will be used for either human consumption or farming. In engineering terms of today an aqueduct refers to a large infrastructure that may include pipes, canals, ditches, tunnels and other structures that serve the same purpose.

In ancient times aqueducts were made of different kinds of stone, lead, bronze and even of wood and leather. Sometimes they were carved out of hillsides or tunnels were dug.

Many ancient civilizations built aqueducts, among them Egypt, Assyria, Persia and India. The civilization that built the most extensive and sophisticated aqueducts however was Rome. In fact the word aqueduct comes from the Latin, the first part of the word meaning water and the second part, to carry.

Aqueducts were built around the Roman Empire, in North Africa, Western Europe and the Middle East, but the most impressive were built to supply the city of Rome. Across a period spanning from the fourth century BC to the third century AD, Rome built a total of 11 aqueducts, one of which brought water from as far as 57 miles away, and some of which are in use even today.

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An aqueduct is a structure that carries water through rome and Greece also it leads to pipes to houses to sinks to waterfountain and any thing that has water coming out with a button
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An aqueduct is a conduit that resembles a bridge but carries water over a valley. The word is a
Aqueducts are man-made tunnels that carry water from one place to another. They are used so that dry areas can get water from areas that have more. We thought that aqueducts
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