What Is an Archipelago?


An archipelago is a group of islands or a stretch of water containing many islands in a large body of water. Some of the most popular archipelagos of the world are the islands around Hawaii, Japan and the British Islands.
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a large group or chain of islands
An archipelago is a group of islands, congregated in the same geographical area, that share a common origin. Archipelagos are common features in the oceans as well as in many lakes.
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a large group or chain of islands: the Malay Archipelago.
any large body of water with many islands.
the Aegean Sea.
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An archipelago is a word that is mainly used to refer to a cluster of islands or an island group. Archipelago is a Greek word of which when translated means Chief sea. Following the Italian tradition however, the word was the proper name for the Aegean sea but later was used to mean the Aegean islands.
Archipelago is a term that means many islands or a group of islands. It also refers to a stretch of water like a sea that has several islands on it. It can also be referred to as an island group which is a chain or cluster of islands in a large mass of water.
An archipelago is a cluster of islands frequently formed by volcanic activity. You can find archipelago examples in open sea, or close to large land masses. The former is usually more common than the latter.
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An archipelago is a cluster of islands.The largest archipelago of Asia is Malay archipelago. Asia's Archipelago is the world's largest by area that constitutes ...
The name for a group of islands is archipelago. It is a stretch of water that is filled with many islands. The word archipelago is coined from the Greek words ...
Japan is an archipelago in the Pacific separated from the east coast of Asia by the Sea of Japan. According to Japanese legend, Japan was founded in 600 BC by ...
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