What Is an Artificial Ecosystem?


An artificial ecosystem refers to an ecosystem of humans, plants and animals and it is mostly created by humans, for instance, zoos and manmade lakes. This process involves the creation conditions that are almost similar to the natural conditions and habitat where plants and animals live.
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green houses also called artificial ecosytems give favorable conditions to plants to grow but the threat is they may wilt without balance of atmospheric gases and sunlight.
An ecosystem is an environment or community of plants, animals and other living and non-living organisms. These all function together in one natural habitat.
A Bill Moyers Report on Ecosystems defines them as follows: "Ecosystems are communities of interacting organisms and the physical environment in which they live. They are the
Well stocked fish tanks. Exhibits at zoos.
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The term artificial ecosystem refers to a human made system of plants, animals and people living in an area jointly with their surroundings. The Zoo parks often create artificial ecosystems as well as the terrarium.
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The difference between a natural and artificial ecosystem is the fact that a natural ecosystem is not man made. A natural ecosystem consists of animals, plants ...
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