What is an autobiography?


An autobiography is the story describing a person's life that is told by the individual himself. Sometimes, an autobiography can be written with the help of a co-author, as long as the story remains in first-person.

Autobiographies can take many different forms; oral or written records of a person's life story often turn into books, audio recording and movies. Intimate writings produced during a person's lifetime, including letters, diaries, and journals can be used for inspiration in the memoir; these elements often play a large part in the writing of a formal biography that is sent to publication. Because of language and writing barriers, there are very few biographical works that were written before the 15th century.

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An autobiography is the story of someone's life written by that person himself. A biography is the story of someone's life written by someone else.
The most important function of an autobiography is to give you an exclusive inside view of someone you admire. You trust that what they're telling you is candid, honest and heartfelt
Autobiographies are biographies, or essentially, life stories, written by the subject. That is, they are telling their own story of their own life, including interesting facts, anecdotes
Robert Rodriguez's. Rebel Without a Crew. essentially it's just a collection of his journal entries before and after making his first feature film, El Mariachi. but it's fascinating
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What is an Autobiography?
Everyone has a story of their life. Whether you hold an exciting career or consider yourself just average, no one else shares the same experiences and perceptions. Unlike a biography, which is a story of someone's life written by a different person, an... More »
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The difference between an autobiography and a memoir is the author. An autobiography is written by the subject and a memoir is written by someone else. ...
Writing a sample teacher autobiography is pretty simple. When writing the autobiography, you are writing about yourself. Include who you are and information about ...
The key way in which biographies and autobiographies differ is in their author, as a biography is written about a person by someone else, while an autobiography ...
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