What Is an AV Cable?


An AV cable is a cable used to connect two audio video devices like PC, TV and DVD's, digital cameras, Play Stations and X-BOX. These cables have the capabilities of passing both sound and picture through the same channel.
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What Is an AV Cable?
An AV cable is used to transmit an audio/visual signal. AV cables have been around as long as electronic home entertainment and they connect speakers to stereos, televisions to DVD players and computers to monitors.... More »
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The term AV cable is simply short for audio-visual cable. AV cables come in many different types. The most common types of AV cables are HDMI and RCA. These cables are used to hook components, such as a DVD player, to a television or projector.
An av cable is audio video cables. They are used for things such as setting up meetings in board rooms to communicate with one company to another for example in different states. This AV cable is an important link for the av communications from one to the other.
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DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a high-bandwidth, digital-to-digital video connection. When you connect electronic components that offer DVI connections, you have eliminated the
It's a type of HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable that digitally transfers audio and video from a source, such as a computer's video card or a playstation 3, to an
The AV cable is an audio and video cable.
I think they call that component video. Those are RCA plugs on the ends of the cable, two colors are for audio, another one for the picture. I plug my VCR into the television with
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An AV cable for a digital camera is a wire that connects the camera to the Television. It enables the pictures or videos or audio which are recorded by the camera ...
Sony produces an AV cable to use with the PSP 2000 or 3000 series. It will not work with earlier PlayStations. You do have to remember to select the correct display ...
An HDMI cable provides the best and clearest picture of any AV connection, according to the Cnet Quick Guide for HDMI and HDMI Cables. HDMI is the only all-digital ...
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