What Is an Average Cemetery Plot Cost?


The cost of a plot in a cemetery varies depending on the size and area, but is generally between £300 and £810. Such things as lease period, proximity to a town and grave depth will also affect the final price. It is best to consult your local council or visit their site regarding cemetery plot prices.
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ChaCha could not find the cost of a burial at a pet cemet.
Far too much.
Cemetery plots vary by location and city. An ocean view ìs going to cost much more than a plot ìn the middle of the cemetery. You also have to keep ìn mind that
There is a great variation in the prices of graves from one area to another. Cemeteries are operated by private and public companies, some will be operated by churches or local authorities
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The cemetery plot cost will depend on the size of the plot a 2’ x 2’ plot would cost about £90.00 and the bigger the size the higher the cost ...
The average cost of a burial plot in the UK is £560 to £792. In some areas, residents pay up to £1,000 for a burial plot. The costs vary from ...
1. Buy the cemetery plot in advance. The decision to buy a burial or grave site ahead of time is not always feasible, but it reduces the buyer stress and the cost ...
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