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IQ refers to Intelligence Quotient. The average IQ is about 100. Anyone with an IQ of 144 or above is considered a genius while one with an IQ of between 130 and 144 is considered gifted.
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In 1959 only candidates with IQ > 130 were chosen http://www.collectspace.com/ubb/... Embed
Well, the normal IQ for anyone is 100 so i can't really tell you, but I hope this fact helps!
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Average test results range from 90-110. A score below 70 indicates mental retardation. A person who scores 130 or higher is usually considered gifted. A person with a score of 165 or higher is usually classified a genius.
In United Kingdom an average IQ is 104.31. A genius has the highest IQ score of 144, a gifted person' has an IQ average that ranges between 130 and 144, while an above average person has an IQ that ranges between 115and129.
There are a number of standard IQ tests being used around the world and on most intelligence tests the average IQ score is usually 100. IQ or Intelligence Quotient is an attempt to gauge and individuals intelligence level.
Although there are several different testing methods for testing your IQ, all of which have their own scoring methods, the average range to be considered normal is anywhere from 90 to 110. You can find more information here: http://www.iqcomparisonsite.com/IQBasics.aspx
Someone who has a normal intelligence quotient will have a test score number between 90 and 109. A score between 110 and 119 means you have superior intelligence.
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The average IQ of Harvard Students is approximately 127. The average IQ of an individual is 100. Generally the range is between 90 and 109 for the average IQ. ...
Throughout the decades the average IQ of a teenager has changed over time due to what is learned in school. The average IQ score for ages 12 to 16 is 112. ...
The average IQ of a 16 year old would be 100 as this is the mean average regardless of age. Those who have a score of between 99 and 114 are considered to be of ...
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