What Is an Bazooka?


A bazooka is a shoulder held, short range tubular rocket launcher. It is mostly used against tanks to either slow their progression or to completely disable them. They are widely popular in most armies due to their portability and power, making them the most bought artillery weapon in history.
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a tube-shaped, portable rocket launcher that fires a rocket capable of penetrating several inches of armor plate, as of a tank or other armored military vehicle.
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Bazooka refers to the common name for a man-portable recoilless rocket antitank weapon, widely fielded by the US Army. It is also referred to as 'stovepipe' and it was amongst the rocket propelled anti-tank weapons generation used in infantry combat.
Bazooka is a portable, lightweight metal tube from which rockets are launched.it is short-range weapon with low accuracy usually operated by two men. It is used by infantry as an antitank weapon.
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Bazooka is a common name for a man-portable anti-tank rocket launcher. It was a U.S. weapon used in WWII and Korea. It fired a HEAT rocket against tanks, armored vehicles, bunkers
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Bazooka refers to a short-range rocket launcher that is shaped like a tube used next to tanks in warfare. The weapon is held on the shoulder by infantry men and ...
A bazooka is any shoulder held rocket launching device. These are very dangerous so always be sure to have adult supervision. I've included a link with step by ...
A Bazooka is a shaped-charge warhead recoilless rocket launcher also called stovepipe, which was introduced in WWII. The weapon had a solid rocket motor that was ...
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