What Is an Eerie?


Eerie was an American magazine of horror comics which was introduced in 1966 by Warren Publishing. Like Mad it was a black and white newsstand publication in the magazine format and thus did not require the approval or seal of the Comics Code Authority. Its also something which is strange or frightening.
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uncanny, so as to inspire superstitious fear; weird: an eerie midnight howl.
Chiefly Scot. affected with superstitious fear.
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1. Use dark colors to create an aura of mystery and suspense. Shadows, silhouettes and dark corners are all classic aspects of spooky scenes, whether in a painting, a description
Mount Eerie is nowhere.
eerie: suggestive of the supernatural; inspiring a feeling of fear
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The word eery can be defined as an inspiring inexplicable fear. It is a feeling of terror or uneasiness caused by something strange and frightening. The term eery ...
The term eeriness is a noun which means strangeness by virtue of being inspiring and mysterious. The synonym of this term is ghostliness and it is pronounced as ...
The word eerie means inspiring inexplicable fear, dread, or uneasiness that is strange to someone; thus, causing the person to be frightened. This term can also ...
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