What is an "efficiency apartment"?


An efficiency apartment is a small apartment that comprises of the basic living areas. They have a joint living and sleeping area, kitchen, and separate bathroom. They are ideal rentals for people who do not spend much time at home.
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An efficiency apartment, more commonly referred to as a studio apartment, is a small apartment that consists of just the basic living areas. Efficiency apartments have a combined
I think what you are after is the meaning of an efficiency apartment. It is a small apartment that is basically one room. No walls separating the kitchen or living or bedroom. I have
A small apartment consisting basically, apart from a bathroom, of a
Many complexes have efficiency floorplans that are much like loft plans. Everything is open, with little bedroom space, and a bathroom. (Efficient, or essential.)
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What Is an Efficiency Apartment?
Efficiency apartments are often the first choice for renters on a budget, such as college students and young professionals. They are typically smaller and more affordable than studios or apartments with separate bedrooms. When you move into an... More »
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An efficiency apartment is an apartment where one room typically has the living, kitchen, and sleeping quarters, with a separate bathroom. In some places or the world such apartments are known as small flats, bedsits, or bedsitters.
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