What Is an Enlarged Uterus?


An enlarged uterus maybe as a result of varying factors such as pregnancy and adenomyosis whereby the uterus thickens. Uterine fibroids are also a major cause of enlarged uterus which is promoted by obesity and overweight especially in women.
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1. See your doctor if you have pelvic pain, pain during intercourse or non-menstrual bleeding. He or she will listen carefully to your explanation of symptoms. 2. Get blood tests
My friend has a enlarged uterus and thats because she has fibroids in her abdomen. Hope this helps!
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When you are not pregnant your uterus is only about 3 of 4 inches, or about the size of your fist. The human uterus in a non-pregnant woman is about the size of her fist, but during
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What Is an Enlarged Uterus?
Not many of us spend much time thinking about the size of our uterus. However, a uterus that is abnormally large, or an enlarged uterus, is more than just a misshapen organ.... More »
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The medical term for an enlarged uterus is Adenomyosis. It refers to a condition where the uterus may be two or even three the size of a normal uterus. Many women who have this condition have no symptoms. Other women will have symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding, spotting between periods or pain during intercourse.
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