What Is an Epidiascope?


An Epidiascope is a type of magic lantern that projects the image of an opaque object onto a screen and it can also project a transparent image. Its basic functionality involves harnessing the power of light to create a viable image.
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a type of magic lantern that projects the image of an opaque object onto a screen.
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epidiascope: an optical projector that gives images of both transparent and opaque objects
1. a projector for images for both transparent and opaque objects
You need three things and a box to hold them You need a good projector lens of fairly large diameter. Edmund Scientific used to sell lenses which they tagged as good for opaque projectors
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Epidiascopic refers to anything that relates to or pertains to an epidiascope. An epidiascope refers to a kind of lantern that is able to project the image of ...
The word epidiascope is defined as an optical projector which is capable of producing both transparent and opaque objects. This device is considered as a magic ...
Epidiascope can be made with a good projector lens, surface mirror and a fan and a box to hold them. Bright light is used to illuminate the pages and a fan is ...
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