What Is an Episiotomy?


An episiotomy is a surgical cut that is made at the opening of the vagina, between the vagina and the anus, during childbirth. It is usually done to help in delivery and prevent any rupture of the tissues.
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[uh-pee-zee-ot-uh-mee, ep-uh-sahy-]
an incision into the perineum and vagina to allow sufficient clearance for birth.
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Episiotomy refers to a surgical cut made at the opening of the vagina during childbirth, to aid a difficult delivery and prevent rupture of tissues. The episiotomy can be midline or at an angle from the posterior end of the vulva and is performed under local anaesthetic, and then it is sutured closed after delivery.
An episiotomy is a procedure in which a midwife or doctor makes a small cut in a woman's perineum during childbirth. The perineum is the area between the anus and vagina. This cut ensures the vagina to extend fully, making the process of childbirth much easier.
An episiotomy is a small surgical cut made in the perineum, the muscles between your vagina and your anus, to allow a baby to be born more easily or quickly once the head is crowning. The cut is done under a local anaesthetic and sewn up shortly after the birth.
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When you go into labor and it is time for your baby to come out your doctor may perform a episiotomy. This is when he will make an incision in your perineum to make your vagina bigger
Do research and become knowledgeable on how to avoid an episiotomy. (See "How to Avoid an Episiotomy.") Avoid touching the open wound. Spreading germs can cause an infection
1 Keep the episiotomy site clean to avoid infection and to aid in the healing process. The area of the episiotomy will be swollen and tender and sensitive when you urinate. Use a
An episiotomy is a surgical incision that is sometimes necessary to enlarge the vaginal
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An episiotomy is also known as perineotomy. A episiotomy is a very minor type of surgery. An episiotomy is done when a woman is having a child during labor. It ...
An episiotomy is an incision that is made to the tissue between the vaginal opening and the anus of a woman during childbirth. The surgical incision was believed ...
Not all women have an episiotomy during child birth. Those that do usually require a few weaks to heal from the surgical tear. Walking and sitting can be uncomfortable ...
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