What is an equation?


An equation is a statement declaring that two values are equal. It has an equals sign and expressions on the left and right of the equals sign; the expression on the left and the right are equal.

In most equations, one or both sides have variables associated with them. The variable represents an unknown number. Manipulating the equation to come up with the solution to the variable is known as "solving the equation." Algebra covers a variety of types of equations and methods to solve them. For example, algebra covers linear equations of one, two or an indefinite number of variables, quadratic equations and equations of higher orders of power.

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An equation is an expression used in mathematics that consists of two equations and an equal sign. The two equations do or do not have to be the same. The equal sign is what makes
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An equation ( in mathematics. is a mathematical sentence that contains an equal sign. An equation is a mathematical statement that asserts the equality of two expressions. A chemical
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What Are Equations?
Despite what many teenagers believe, algebra does have a purpose after high school. Equations are everywhere, and they help people do just about everything. Most equations are implemented subtly in one's daily life, and people do not realize they use... More »
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