Examples of Isotopes and Their Uses?


The most common isotopes in existence are hydrogen isotopes, some of which are deuterium and tritium. An isotope is one of at least two atoms having the same atomic number but different numbers of neutrons.
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Isotopes are atoms that have the same number of protons (they belong to the same element) but differing numbers of neutrons. Thus, deuterium and tritium are are uncommon isotopes
For instance, Uranium has an atomic weight of 238.03. An isotope of this element
There are around 3800 radioactive isotopes. At present there are up to 200 radioactive isotopes used on a regular basis, and while some are found in nature, most others have to be
Carbon 12 and Carbon 14 are both isotopes of carbon, one with 6 neutrons and one with 8 neutrons (both with 6 protons).
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Isotopes are atoms that have more neutrons than other atoms of the same element and, therefore have greater mass. The most common isotope is carbon-12.
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