What is an example of nuclear energy?


A prime example of man-made nuclear energy is the generation of electricity. A prime example of natural nuclear energy is the nuclear reactions the sun produces to create heat and light. Nuclear energy involves a process called “fusion.”

Fusion involves the collision of atomic nuclei, an event that creates a tremendous amount of heat. In generating electricity, for instance, the heat created by fusion warms water to the boiling point, which releases steam. This steam powers turbines that create electricity.

In the core of the sun, the heat and pressure are extreme enough to create the fusion needed to unleash its natural nuclear energy. Less than 8 percent of the energy needs in the United States are met via nuclear energy, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Petroleum, natural gas and coal are the primary energy resources in the United States and many other countries around the globe.

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Nuclear energy is a term that's bandied about almost casually today. It's something wondrous that can shape the world, while at the same time is something that holds the potential
Nuclear energy is energy released from the inner core, or nucleus, of the atom.
The main focus of nuclear engineering is to study atomic nuclei, work with the known properties, explore new applications, and apply the gleaned knowledge to everyday uses. This typically
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Nuclear energy can be produced by nuclear fission, where atoms split apart or by nuclear fusion, where atoms collide together.
Nuclear power is generated through nuclear fission. We could theoretically produce power through fusion, like the Sun, but we currently lack the technology to implement this on a large, usable scale.
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Nuclear energy is harnessed by fusion. Fusion happens when two hydrogen atoms combine to make a helium atom. Nuclear energy is trapped energy inside an atom. ...
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