What Is an Experimental Investigation?


Experimental investigations are used by teachers to teach their students through exploration. The teacher will have the kids conduct an experiment, and then they will ask them questions on what they found. Here is a good list of experimental investigations if you are interested in conducting some:
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A collection of observations.
An experimental group is a group of individuals who are part of a clinical study. They participate in a study to test research and treatments.
Experimentation is the process of performing experiments. According to Dictionary.com, an experiment is "a test, trial, or tentative procedure; an act or operation for the purpose
Experimental learning is what kids do, it is not an experimental philosophy of learning. Kids learn 'experimentally' when they are allowed to try things out for themselves and to
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A laboratory is a room or a place equipped for the performance of tests, experimentation, investigative processes and for the research of reagents and salutary ...
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