What Is an Exploding Star Called?


An exploding star is referred to as a nova which is a star's nuclear explosion which is caused by hydrogen accretion on the white dwarf star surface. This in turn ignites and begins nuclear fusion in a runaway manner. The explosion can also be referred to as supernova if it is more powerful than the nova.
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A nova - a star that ejects some of its material and become more luminous in the
Supernova, also a star which has exploded forms a nebula.
Supernovas are the phenomenon that mark the end of a star's life cycle. They occur when the internal gravity in a star is no longer high enough to continue the natural cycle of a
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Exploding star is called a supernova. This star explodes and in the process become extremely luminous causing burst of radiation that more often outshines the entire galaxy before it fades away in a span of weeks or months.
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