What Is FSI Engine?


An FSI engine refers to an engine that has the fuel injected directly into the cylinders. The abbreviation FSI stands for Fuel Stratified Injection which is a normally aspirated petrol direct injection system where the petrol is directly injected in to the cylinder. The FSI engine is technically a high end version of GDI engine.
Q&A Related to "What Is FSI Engine?"
Fsi stands for Fuel Stratified Injection, in which petrol is injected directly into the cylinders, they do better than a conventional engine with fuel injection into the intake ports
FSI is the world's most innovative manufacturer of liquid filtration products.
GDI engine stands for Gasoline Direct Ignition engine and FSI stands for Fuel stratified Induction. Both are applicable for Gasoline engines. In a GDI engine fuel is directly injected
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