What is an honorary bridesmaid?


An honorary bridesmaid is a person who is given the title of "bridesmaid" but is not an active member of the wedding party. A bride often chooses honorary bridesmaids as a way of acknowledging certain friends and family members and including them in the wedding day without requiring them to participate in the ceremony, explains WeddingWhoop.com.

A bride may choose to name any number of people as honorary bridesmaids for a number of reasons. Often when a close friend or family member cannot attend the wedding, a bride names this person an honorary bridesmaid to acknowledge her importance. In other cases, an honorary bridesmaid may be a person who has helped out with the wedding that the bride wants to honor. An honorary bridesmaid can even be someone special the bride simply wishes to acknowledge.

The duties of an honorary bridesmaid are different than those of a regular bridesmaid or maid of honor. In fact, an honorary bridesmaid does not have any set duties. She is not required to buy a certain dress to wear on the wedding day, nor is she required to participate in the wedding ceremony. The specific duties of honorary bridesmaids are usually decided by the individual bride. Some brides simply list the honorary bridesmaids in the wedding program. Other brides choose to have the honorary bridesmaids wear special dresses in order to set them apart from the other guests. Usually honorary bridesmaids are acknowledged and set apart from the other wedding guests in some way, though they do not stand with the bride and other bridesmaids during the wedding ceremony.

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