What Is an Igloo?


Igloo refers to a dome shaped, makeshift structure built of snow and ice. Igloos are common in Alaska. It is the traditional home of the Eskimo people.
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Small huts made out of snow and ice.
In order to make an igloo, you must first have the proper equipment to cut the pieces. This can be done with either a snow saw or a large knife. You will need to cut enough square
Igloo (noun): An Inuit or Eskimo dwelling, especially a dome-shaped winter dwelling built of
n. , pl. , -loos . An Inuit or Eskimo dwelling, especially a dome-shaped winter dwelling built of blocks of packed snow. A dome-shaped structure or building. [Inuit iglu, house.]
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Architect: vernacular - Date: unknown Location: Arctic - Building Type: nomadic house Style: Inuit Vernacular Construction System: cut snow masonry
An igloo is a type of shelter built out of snow. Igloos are usually associated with the Inuit people. Igloos were constructed by people of Greenland's Thule area and Canada's Central Arctic. On the outside, temperatures may be as low as ˆ’40 but the inside temperature of an igloo may range from ˆ’5 °C to 16 °C .
An Igloo is a dome-shaped Eskimo house constructed of blocks cut from snow. An Igloo can also refer to a form of outdoor or indoor Pizza Oven enclosure where the oven walls follow the basic shape of the oven chamber.
An igloo is a structure which is built from blocks of snow that is compressed, and which are carefully shaved and placed to fit in optimal positions. An igloo is the traditional home of the Eskimo. The only tool that is required for constructing an igloo is a long-bladed knife for cutting blocks of ice.
Igloos are houses in which Eskimos live. They are dome-shaped and are built using blocks of solid snow. They are built of snow as air pockets trapped in the snow serves as insulators.
An igloo is a structure build from blocks of ice which are neatly finished to make a snow house. It is the traditional home for Eskimo people.
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