What Is an Incubus?


Incubus is an angel who fell from the acts of grace because of his uncontrollable lust for women. He is a demon in the form of a male, who according to a number of legendary traditions lies upon sleepers, especially women, intending to have intercourse with them.
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Incubus is a mythical demon believed to visit women in the night and lie with them, and the women would have no knowledge of this. The myth originates from Europe, and goes on to say that a child born of this union would grow up as normal but would possess supernatural abilities. The female version of the incubus is the succubus, and the word incubus is Latin for nightmare.
An Incubus is simply defined as a mythological male demon that lies upon sleeping women in order to have intercourse with them. One of the reasons an incubus does this is so that it can father a child. A great example of this myth is the story of the legend of Merlin. It is believed that repeated intercourse with it may have adverse effects on health or even result to death.
An incubus is an evil spirit that lies on a person as they are sleeping; especially, one that has sexual intercourse with women while they are sleeping. In addition, it could also mean an evil spirit that oppresses or burdens like a nightmare.
Incubus is a creation of a Latin demon that is normally believed to have sex with sleeping women against their will. They are believed to have the power to make some one weak and manipulate them the way they like.
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Incubus (noun) is a male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women; a cause of
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Incubus is defined as a male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women, a cause of distress or anxiety or a nightmare. This term is also the ...
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An incubus demon is demon that takes on the male form. An incubus demon is said to visit women in their sleep in order to have sex with them. The myth is that ...
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