What Is an iPod NANO?


An iPod nano is a media player that was designed, marketed and distributed by Apple Inc. This portable player is a replacement of the iPod mini, also by Apple Inc. It uses flash memory storage and supports FM radio, with a multitouch interface.
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About the iPod Nano
The iPod Nano is a digital music player, manufactured by Apple Computer. Introduced in 2005, it shook up the entire MP3 industry with its slim appearance, avoiding the clunkiness of the earlier iPod models. By using flash memory instead of a hard drive,... More »
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An IPod Nano is a media device player that is designed and marketed by Apple. This device was first introduced in 2005 as a replacement for the iPod Mini and uses flash memory for storage. This device sold its first million units in only 17 days and has gone through six models or generations, since its introduction.
The iPod Nano is a portable media player designed and marketed by Apple. iPod nano is smaller than iPod mini and has a colour screen and a Click Wheel but has flash memory instead of a hard drive.
iPod nano is a variant in Apple iPod series. It has color display that enables playback of video songs along with audio songs. Onscreen library information makes it easy to choose from titles.
Ipod Nano is a music device for listening music. It is created by apple. Ipod nano comes with different color and design. It has a storage capacity that can holds hundreds to thousands of music.
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On Amazon, a brand new 8GB iPod Nano generally costs about $140 plus shipping. A brand new 16GB Nano costs about $170. You can also find used iPod Nanos on sites like Amazon as well
1. Connect your USB cable to the port at the bottom of the iPod and connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer. 2. Open iTunes. 3. Disconnect your iPod Nano from the
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Wondering, how do you delete songs from an iPod nano? If your old music just isn't doing it for you anymore, it's easy to edit a playlist or remove a song from your iPod nano altogether
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An Ipod Nano is a smaller version of the regular Apple Ipod. It usually can have as much space as a regular IPOD but it's just smaller in size and length. ...
The iPod Nano is a portable media player invented by Apple. The most current iPod Nano has a touch-screen and the ability to play music for 24 hours without recharging ...
IPod NANO mods are the modifications, features and specifications of an iPod Nano. An iPod Nano is an audio music player manufactured by Apple Company. ...
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