What Is an ISDN Number?


An ISDN number is a dialable number and mostly a 10-digit NANP (North American Numbering Plan) directory number assigned to address a wireless service subscriber.ISDN is a digital telecommunications network that operates over standard copper telephone wires or other media. ISDN connections are used to provide a variety of digital services to customers, including digital voice telephone, fax, e-mail, digital video, and access to the Internet.
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Have you tried "show dialer" ? You can use the pipe "|" to filter output: router#sho dialer | include 4567895
Please check the PoP Number Page for the up-to-date PoP Numbers.
For APT/3d2 (for STEREO use all 6 numbers, for MONO use the first 3):
I'm programing a code to grap three informations from incoming GCEV_OFFERED event; ANI, DNIS, and Redircting Number are what I want. Now, I can get ANI and DNIS. Could anyone help
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Every subscriber in a mobile network is uniquely identified by a mobile station ISDN or public switched telephone network (PSTN) number. The ISDN Type of Number ...
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1. Obtain the deaf person's IP address, or Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Number or the 10-digit number which has been assigned to his computer's video ...
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