What Is an Itinerary?


An itinerary is a complete travel schedule that also includes the route of a means of transport. It is usually drafted before the start of a journey to give guidance. Professional itineraries will include information on weather expectations as well as a detailed map.
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An itinerary is a detailed plan for a journey or route, typically describing what you might need, directions you might need to take, and other useful information.
An employee work schedule includes the number of hours that an employee works and is applicable for both shift and nonshift workers. Some employees require a flexible work schedule
An itinerary is a detailed plan for a journey, esp. a list of places to visit; plan of travel.
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[ahy-tin-uh-rer-ee, ih-tin-]
a detailed plan for a journey, especially a list of places to visit; plan of travel.
a line of travel; route.
an account of a journey; record of travel.
a book describing a route or routes of travel with information helpful to travelers; guidebook for travelers.
of or relating to travel or travel routes.
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Itinerary or travel literature is travel writing of literary value or a planned route. It records the know-how of an author touring a region or place for the pleasure of travel. A person work is sometimes called a travelogue or itinerary.
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