What is a molecule?


A molecule is the smallest element of a substance that retains the chemical as well as physical properties of the substance. It is composed of two or more atoms held together by chemical forces.
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I am guessing that it is supposed to be a tetraphosphorus moleclue. See also: Allotropes of phosphorus.
When complex carbon compounds were first studied, it was thought (erroneously) that they were produced only by living systems. Thus they were called "organic.". Carbon is
Answer People often ask, what is the difference between a molecule and a compound. Its difficult to understand. But I have made it easier. A molecule is 2 or more atoms joined together
We ordinarily think that the diagram of a molecule's structure shows everything about the way the atoms connect to make a specific chemical with defined properties. However, with
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A molecule is the tiniest physical unit of an element or compound. In an element, it has one or more atoms that are similar. In a compound, it consists of two or more atoms. You can find more information here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/molecule
Two atoms or more in a particular arrangement is a molecule. Use 'an only when the word following it begins with a vowel. There is a Science and English lesson all in one.
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