What is an MTP device?


Media transfer protocol, or MTP, devices are devices, generally cellular phones, that transfer data through a USB connection according to MTP. This protocol was invented by Microsoft and first appeared on Android phones, but is now included in several types of phones. It differs from the USB mass storage method that preceded it, with several advantages.

Media transfer protocol is a method of transferring media and other files between two devices via a universal serial bus connection. It is an enhanced version of the older picture transfer protocol. Since it was designed by Microsoft, it works best with Windows computers, which use it automatically. It is also designed for compatibility with Apple computers; however, computers using Linux have a much harder time with the protocol.

The prior way of transferring files between computers and smartphones, USB mass storage, utilized a partition, so a phone's storage memory was split between file storage and programs. With MTP, phones use just one volume for all the data in the cellular phone. This protocol also grants greater flexibility in data storage formats compared to the previous USB mass storage. It allows for very easy file transfer with drag-and-drop capability for nearly any type of file.

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What Is an MTP Device?
A type of protocol for connecting portable music and storage devices to your Windows system, Media Transfer Protocol also transfers content between the devices and your computer. A MTP device includes a built-in hard drive and device drivers that load... More »
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