What It Means to Be an NCO?


An NCO is a short form of Non-Commissioned Officer which refers to a military officer given authority through a commissioned officer, but still not technically considered to be in command. NCOs rise through the enlisted ranks but generally with several years of experience before they reach nominal power. They play a crucial role in the military as they serve as a liason between commissioned officers and regular enlisted forces.
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In a 2008 speech, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey referred to NCOs as the "glue" that holds the armed forces together and is "enabling us to accomplish the
The letters NCO have several different meanings. The first is Non-Commissioned Officer. NCO is also the name of a large international corporation who provides collection, customer
A Non Commissioned Officer is an enlisted man with rank above others. He could be a Corporal, a Sergeant, a Petty officer, or any number of other ranks, but he does not carry the
abbr. noncommissioned officer
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What is an NCO?
NCO stands for "non-commissioned officer" and refers to an enlisted member of the military who has authority over lower-ranking soldiers but is not, herself, an officer. A sergeant of any grade in the Army or a petty officer of any rate in the Navy is... More »
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NCO is an acronym for 'non-commissioned officer'. NCO refers to an enlisted member of the military who has authority over lower-ranking soldiers but is not an officer. NCO is also sometimes shortened in conversations to 'non-comm.'
The abbreviation NCO stands for non-commissioned officer. It refers to an enlisted member of the military who has authority over the lower ranked soldiers. A sergeant of any rank in the Army or a petty officer of any rate in the Navy is considered an NCO. In the Army and the Marines, the term also applies to corporals and in the Navy and the Coast Guard, the term applies to all the petty officers.
A NCO, which stands for Non-Commissioned Officer, is a military officer who is normally given authority over lower-ranking soldiers through the commissioned officer but is not technically taken to be in command. They usually go up through the enlisted ranks with several years of experience before reaching to positions of nominal power.
NCO is an abbreviation for many things and it can refer to any one of them. It can be used to refer to; Non-Commissioned officer, Net Capital Outflow, Numerically Controlled Oscillator or the NCO group, which is a company based in Pennsylvania dealing with customer service, outsourcing and accounts receivable its clients.
NCO has many meanings and some of them are; Number Controlled Oscillator, Non- Commissioned Officer, abbreviation for Nitrogen, Carbon and Oxygen, the enlisted grades for E4 through to E9 and another meaning for NCO is an isocyanate chemical group that refers to the nitrogen, carbon and oxygen atom of the isocyanate group.
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