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An NGO which stands for non-governmental organization is an independent body or association that serves people without the urge of benefiting economically. It applies voluntary activities like treatment of the wounded during wartime, feeding of people in drought-hit areas and evacuation of disaster victims. Red-cross is an example of an NGO.
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Ngo Dinh Diem
[ngoh deen dyem, dzyem, noh deen]
South Vietnamese statesman: president of the Republic of South Vietnam 1956–63.
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A Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) is an organisation that is not part of the local of federal government, most of them focusing on development, the environment, and human rights. It does not serve an immediate economic interest, most of them having an interest in socio-political influence.
NGO?s or ?Non- Governmental Organizations? are organizations that are not governmental (are not part of the state apparatus), do not make a profit and are self governing. They are usually organized around a central purpose.
The letters 'NGO' stand for non governmental organisation. It is not part of the local, state or federal government; an Ngo is usually a non-profit organisation that works to promote human good.
An NGO is an acronym for Non-Governmental Organisation. This is an entity created natural or legal persons and which operates independently from the government. An NGO aims at pursuing activities that undertake community developments, protect the environment and promote the interests of the poor.
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The acronym NGO stands for non-profit organization. It refers to the organizations which are not funded by the government and are being run independently. The term is usually restricted
NGO means Non Governmental Organization and defines any organization that does not include any government or government appointed representatives in their membership. The prime minister
1. Determine the goal of the NGO. Draft a mission statement that describes the purpose of your organization. A concise mission statement that sets clear and achievable goals will
abbr. nongovernmental organization
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NGO is an abbreviation which is often used in reference to Non Governmental Organization. Some of the types of NGO's are charitable orientation, service based, ...
NGO is the acronym for Non Government Organisation. This is an organization that is a legally constituted and created either by natural or legal persons and it ...
A NGO is a nongovernmental organization. They are legally constituted organizations that are created by natural or legal people. They operate independently of ...
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