What Is an Ocean Basin?


Ocean basins are large basins that are below sea level. They can be anywhere on earth that is covered by sea water. Depending on the movements of tectonic plates the size of an ocean basin can change over time. The Atlantic Ocean has an actively growing ocean basin where as the Pacific Ocean has a actively shrinking ocean basin.
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The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest of the world's oceans and also the oldest of all existing ocean basins. The rocks within the basin date about 200 million years old. Plate
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Ocean basins are large geological basins that are below sea level. An ocean basin is pretty
This is the geological principle that the oceans have always existed, in the geological time scale oceans and continental plates have slowly moved and changed shape somewhat since
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What Are Ocean Basins?
Ocean basins are saucer-like depressions in the seabed. These basins can range in size from minor to vast structural divisions of the deep ocean. Some of the largest ocean basins are two- to three-miles deep. The average depth of ocean basins is 5,000... More »
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