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An open circulatory system is a system in which blood is not confined to vessels. After leaving the heart through major vessels, the blood then enters the hemocoel, the complex of blood-filled spaces adjacent to the organs. This is the typical circulatory system of arthropods and molluscs.
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An open circulatory system is one in which blood is pumped into a hemocoel. The blood then diffuses into the body cavities through the tissues that surround the hemocoel. An open circulatory system is found in animals like insects, crustaceans, and molluscs.
An open circulatory system allows waste and nutrients to flow throughout the entire blood system rather than being redirected through the veins.
An open circulatory system is responsible for passing nutrients and waste throughout the body. The blood flows from the heart to the other organs and then into the body cavity.
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An open circulatory system is a system where the blood doesn't go through vessels but baths the organs directly. The blood gives nutrients to the organs and muscle movements move
Answer An Open circulatory system is one in which the flow of blood/hemolymph is from the heart to the peripheral organs then to the body cavity. There is no system of veins to carry
Open circulatory systems pump blood into a hemocoel with the blood diffusing back
An open circulatory system is a type of circulatory system in which nutrients and waste are moved through the body with the assistance of a fluid which flows freely through the body
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