Oxbow Lakes?


An oxbow lake is essentially a curved lake formed at a former oxbow where the main stream of the river has cut across the narrow end and no longer flows around the loop of the bend. This kind of a lake is what is known as a billabong in Australia.
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An oxbow lake is a cresent shaped lake that is formed when a river channel is cut off from a main stream.
A horseshoe-shaped lake once part of, and now lying alongside, a meandering river. The lake was once part of a meander, and erosion at the neck left only a short distance across it.
Mature rivers flow across wide river valleys and meander or snake across the flat plains. These meandering streams create large loop meanders that develop into oxbow lakes adjacent
Small, crescent-shaped lakes called oxbow lakes can form in river
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a U-shaped piece of wood placed under and around the neck of an ox with its upper ends in the bar of the yoke.
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An oxbow lake is defined as a U-shaped water body that is formed when a meander from a river's main stem is cut off to form a lake. It is also described as a crescent-like lake that lies next to a winding river.
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